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ValentinaWhat do dolls have to do with yoga? Not a whole lot, although Valentina* here is doing her best (considering she is made of vinyl and plastic, not muscle and bone) to demonstrate Sukasana (“easy seat,” ie, a comfortable cross-legged position, preferably with knees below the hips). Doll collecting is another passion of mine. I’ve written hundreds of articles about dolls for collector magazines, beginning in the 1980s. I have also written three books about contemporary dolls. These handsome hard-cover books, listed below, have gorgeous pictures of dolls and make great gifts!

The books are available through my publisher, Reverie Publishing Company, at doll shops, and through Internet sellers such as Amazon. Here Come the Bride Dolls is also  available through me, signed, for $22 plus shipping. If you would like to order a copy, contact me at [email protected].

Here Come the Bride Dolls

Here Come the Bride DollsMy first book, published in 2001 by Portfolio Press, is just delicious: filled with pictures of more than 100 dolls dressed as brides, accompanied by lively text. Non-collectors can appreciate this one; some folks have bought the book as a gift for a bride-to-be. Because of its popular theme, Here Come the Bride Dolls was featured in many publications, including the Westchester edition of The New York Times, Bridal Guide, The Journal News, and Westchester Weddings. My dolls were even displayed in the windows of Barnes & Noble in Rockefeller Center prior to a book signing there. (My 10 minutes of fame!)

144 pages, hardcover
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A Dollmaker’s Art: The Creations of Nancy Wiley

The Creations of Nancy Wiley

This book was published in 2004 and is a detailed biography of a young and vibrant maker of intriguing one-of-a-kind dolls. I have met and interviewed many outstanding makers of contemporary art dolls, and Nancy Wiley remains one of my favorites. Her work is fascinating and so is her story. Her fantastical figures have been exhibited in art galleries and museums, and are so cool-looking that Demi Moore (a collector of the artist’s work) dressed up as one for a cover of George magazine in 1996. Check out Nancy’s work at her Web site,

160 pages, hardcover
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Helen Kish: The Artist and Her Dolls

Helen Kish: The Artist and Her DollsPublished in 2006, this is a biography of another favorite dollmaker of mine. In the 1970s, Helen Kish began making porcelain dolls depicting adorable children. Over the years, she honed her skills (her work quickly became more refined and realistic), creating an impressive variety of dolls. Her repertoire includes evocative, one-of-a-kind art pieces in diverse media, including bronze and stoneware. In 1991, Helen founded her own company to manufacture vinyl dolls as well. She is one of the most popular and beloved dollmakers working today, and a real sweetheart to boot. To see Helen’s work, visit Kish and Company.

144 pages, hardcover
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“Valentina” is a customized, one-of-a-kind version of the Antoinette doll produced by Tonner Doll Company.  Valentina was handpainted by the Korean artist Yu.

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